Friday, December 30, 2011


I wanted to share this with you all for a long time now.There are lots of peacock here and this picture I took when they were sitting on the roof of my neighbor.We can see them roaming around here in plenty.They look so beautiful and it is a delight to watch them even though we see them almost daily.

Black tops

This was a long pending project and I finished just two weeks back and sent it to my daughter in law for her birthday as a surprise.So I could not post this in the blog.She was thrilled to receive it and I am really happy She got it in time.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year !

It has been a long time since I posted something as I was busy stitching my blouses after coming back from the US.I have to tend the Garden as it was neglected for six long months.It was really back breaking.So I was not able to concentrate in any new project.I have started to do a Peacock for framing as my daughter as well as well as my daughter in law wanted a frmed picture of my embroidery work. I will post it once I make some progress.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Finished Kundan Tops

At last I finished the tops for the silk skirt(Pattu pavadai) I made for my grand daughters for her birthday.So I sent it today along with the white frock.I hope it reaches on time:)

Friday, October 14, 2011


Its been a long time since I stitched something.I am slowly returning to my routine after a hectic cleaning work of my house.I stitched for my grand daughter for her Birthday.The material is a shirting material.Though it looks pretty because of the sheen,it puckered here and there and It was annoying.I have to file my nails too :(
Anyway I finished it and I am not that much satisfied with the outcome.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kundan tops

I finished the Kundan work and embroidery for the Pattu Pavadai Tops. Thinking of doing a strip of work for the sleeve. The remaining squares will be filled once I finish the stitching.And here it is.......

Waiting for your comments and any suggestions are most welcome.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chicken scratch

Honestly speaking, only after seeing Lakshmi's blog I got to know about this type of embroidery.I was really inspired by this simple method of using squares. After browsing the net to know more about this I found out that we can do it with polka dots too. Though this is not Gingham squares, I thought I will try out in this and I bought the matching thread. This is just a sample (I usually do one to get the hang of it) and I am happy with the outcome. I have not yet decided the design.This is for a frock for my grand daughter and I am still pondering over the idea.May be a border for the lower part and a simple design for the yolk part.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I am back home......

I am back home after a long happy six months with my children and grand children.I had very little time for myself as I was busy with the kids as well as the household work while I was in the US.Now that I am back at my place I will find time for my hobby.I am yet to start something fresh.As the house was locked for the entire six months,you can imagine the condition of it.We jointly do the cleaning work and it is quite a tough job ( I don't have any maids as such to help me) Slowly the house is returning to normalcy.
I got some books, laces,ribbons, applique',buttons etc.One of my friend through my blog whose family,I mentioned  earlier in the sewing machine post, gave me a beautiful hoop which can be fixed to a table and an embroidery kit which has two designs packed in one.(I bought some embroidery kit too)I just wanted to share the pics with you all. I get immense pleasure in sharing my art and other related activities.Your comments encourages me to do more and your suggestions are always welcome so that I can improve myself and do better.

Here are some pictures of my lovely treasure....

This is a Christmas tree decoration and WOW!It looks so beautiful.It is made of plastic with a stone in the center.

This is the embroidery  kit which has woolen thread too.I started both and will finish it soon.The smaller one is a thimble(adhesive) which I bought in the Sewing Expo.The longer one in the box is hundred percent cotton needlework fabric.It says 28 count and is white.My daughter bought it in some sale from a craft shop.

These are the laces and buttons and in the middle you can see one more do it yourself embroidery kit which is very small and this too has woolen threads.

This is the hoop and DIY kit my friend gave me.Thank you so much Neethu.....

Embroidery books..The bead embroidery book is really very good

The ribbons and some stencils for Painting.I have been wanting to try painting and embroidery for a longtime.:)

AND... that's it for now.Will come back with a good project soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Grand children

I wanted to post this for a  long time now and here are my cute grand children.She is wearing the frock I stitched.The shirt my grandson is wearing is the one I bought from India.The cloth as I told you is been with me for a long time and as soon as my daughter saw that she wanted a frock for Tara and wanted to take a portrait in that.Nice Idea isn't it?

Rishi & Tara

Here is another bundle of energy and a joy to watch.He is always smiling and very people friendly.( my sons son).We are leaving to Florida this weekend for his first B'day and will be with him till mid August.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Kundan tops

I finally sat down to do some work which I love most :).I stitched the silk skirt and wanted to do a kundan work top for that.All the materials I brought it from India.I did not plan any design as such and just started with a simple chain stitch and then did the blanket stitch to make squares for the stones to fit in.I have not yet finished the neck and I am planning to do a pendant design too for this.Once I finish the entire tops I will post the  it again.Till then......

Friday, July 15, 2011

Semi circleTops

My daughter bought this tops here in the US and the idea was so good I wanted to share it with everybody.The vertical lines marked is to show where it is stitched for the sides and the horizontal one is for the hip.This is done all around and we can put elastic or a silk ribbon or string to tie it in the front.The material is chiffon and was really beautiful. Try and see.:)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sewing Machine

My daughter has a brother basic model machine and I was not very comfortable with the speed of that and was looking for some other good one for sometime now.When I went to visit my son in Florida I visited an acquaintance through my blog who also lives in Florida.She and her husband were very nice and courteous to us.We never felt like that we were  meeting them for the first time.She has a Brother machine and it was loaded with features which I couldn't resist.So I was searching the net for a good deal for the same.Last week when we went for shopping I saw that machine in Wal mart and It was in the clearance and WOW! it was a steal.I GOT IT!The machine is very nice and has an extension table too....I tried all the decorative stitches and as usual some are not that good but many are very good and can be used  in dresses as decorative stitches.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This material has been there for quite sometime and I was waiting to use it the best way possible.Now it was just enough to stitch a frock,and I planned to stitch it.I bought the lace in JoAnn fabrics during the memorial day sale.I will also post the pictures of the laces I bought along with this one.Bought some buttons too.Here I used a square button and I am happy to see the end result.Waiting for your comments as it encourages me a lot.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back after a long break.

I was really really busy with my grand children and I was not able to do any embroidery.But managed to stitch a frock for my granddaughter TARA.As Deepa wrote in her blog about thrifty moms,I too do the same .Saving all fabric pieces remaining to use in the future.This is one such piece which I stitched for my daughter 6 years back:).After long long time I am stitching a frock.Waiting for your views and comments..I will soon post a picture of the little angel wearing the dress....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Here is something interesting that I want to share with you all.I was very impressed when I saw this.The basic drawing was done by my brothers son in law and the rangoli colouring was done by his sister.Don't you think this is a stunning piece of work?

Friday, March 18, 2011

From The US :)

We arrived in the US  and are having a great time with our daughter and grand children.My first grandson (Rishi)is turning 5 this 20th and he remembered us  and instantly sprang into my hands.The smaller one(Tara) is just 1 1/2 year old  and had problem in relating to  us immediately as she was just 4 months old when we saw her last..It is so nice be back with the kids.We both are enjoying the stay here.We are leaving to Florida after the B'Day and will be with our son for a month and there also is a cute little boy(Tarun) who is only 7 months old.Our hand will be full throughout the trip.If I find some time I want to practice Aari embroidery and do some bunka too.I also got materials to stitch some frocks for my grand daughter.Let me see...how it goes.But surely will find time to go through all the blogs :).
We went to the Sewing and Quilting Expo and saw a lot of Gadgets mostly for quilting.I went to this Expo during my last visit too but this time I didn't find many sewing machines which I was interested in.Any way I am thinking of buying a machine which will do chain stitch and embroider alphabets too.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Framed Bunka!

Finally I got the 'Bunka Pansy'framed.Even though I completed this long back,I was very reluctant to leave the embroidery in the shop for framing.And finally I had to give in as I had no choice.And here it is..........

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flat stitch embroidered Tops

I had left a little bit of embroidery in this tops and today I completed that too.Here is the finished one.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just like that............

It has been a really long time since I wrote or embroidered something.It is because I am busy stitching dresses for my daughter and blouses for me as I am leaving to the US to be with my children and grand children.I am looking forward to see all the little ones(3).I will be there till September.I hope I will do some embroidery there too.I am taking a big cross stitch kit and also planning to do some bunka embroidery.My son and daughter are not living very far away,so I will be spending time with both of them.
My stitching schedule will be over in another 10 days and I am doing some embroidery also in one short top,which I am not very happy about....I will post it once it is finished.And the most important thing  there is a sewing and quilting expo coming the weekend after our arrival.We all are planning to visit it and also planning to buy a good embroidery and sewing machine...(if it is really worth  while)...I am taking some embroidery threads from India as I want to make sure this thread suits the machine.Other wise the thread there is very expensive compared to the price here..So many aspects  has to be considered before buying a machine from the US....Ok all of you, see you soon with some nice work may be a cute frock for my granddaughter.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Belated NEW YEAR wishes

It has been a very very long time as I didn't do any stitching or embroidery,and this is very unusual of me to be like this.I was away for a week to Pune to my Niece house in the first week of Dec.We drove from Chennai to Pune with them and it was very memorable.After reaching home on 21 st we had to go to Chennai again as my husband's uncle passed away.No tickets were available and we  had to travel by bus.Returned the same day by bus again and it was really tedious.On reaching home I was not well and was out of sync for the whole of that week.I had viral infection and there goes all my strength.Only today I feel a little better and so thought of wishing you all for the new year.