Friday, March 18, 2011

From The US :)

We arrived in the US  and are having a great time with our daughter and grand children.My first grandson (Rishi)is turning 5 this 20th and he remembered us  and instantly sprang into my hands.The smaller one(Tara) is just 1 1/2 year old  and had problem in relating to  us immediately as she was just 4 months old when we saw her last..It is so nice be back with the kids.We both are enjoying the stay here.We are leaving to Florida after the B'Day and will be with our son for a month and there also is a cute little boy(Tarun) who is only 7 months old.Our hand will be full throughout the trip.If I find some time I want to practice Aari embroidery and do some bunka too.I also got materials to stitch some frocks for my grand daughter.Let me see...how it goes.But surely will find time to go through all the blogs :).
We went to the Sewing and Quilting Expo and saw a lot of Gadgets mostly for quilting.I went to this Expo during my last visit too but this time I didn't find many sewing machines which I was interested in.Any way I am thinking of buying a machine which will do chain stitch and embroider alphabets too.

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g.aruljothiKarikalan said...

really ur hands will be full aunty.... enjoy your days with the kids and also waiting for your beautiful works.....