Friday, September 13, 2013

Tissue paper roll

This  piece of craft I saw in the net.When I saw the picture I thought it was some grill work made out of flat iron rod. But when I read the discription I was stunned,as it was just a flimsy card board roll. As I am in the US,where people use lots of tissue paper, it was easy for me to collect them. So I tried a small piece of this art.WOW! It was so beautiful and easy too.Planning to make a really big one very soon. Once I  complete that I will surely share with you all.

Pearl Set

I made this Pearl set for my daughter-in law.She wanted it a bit longer and not a choker. So I added  a small length of silver chain with closure to it. She liked it very much and I am happy it came out well too. I learnt this from the You Tube and the tutorial is really very good.

Quilled Earring

I tried one more earring in Quilling. My daughter wanted a matching one for a new dress and fortunately the colours were there in the quilling strips I had at home. I used Mod Podge as a sealent and gloss. This makes the paper stiff and shining. Last time I used acrylic gloss paint for the previous earring.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Quilled Earring

I tried this one using the comb method and though it is not very good,I am happy that I am able to complete a project.