Monday, February 22, 2010

Aari embroidery

Yes I am back after a long time as I was really busy with my grand children.I didn't do much of embroidery but will surely start doing one project after another.This one I started long back and almost finished it.I learnt Aari in Coimbatore and just didn't practice much.And here they don't teach you with Aari frame for smaller work.We can do this with our regular hoop,only  thing it should be really tight with a drum effect.This is suitable for work done on cotton or thick materials.I think you can understand what I mean.Only for synthetic material you need that frame as you cannot pull it for tightening as you do for cotton fabrics.You just sit with a table and chair and rest the frame on the edge of the table and hold it with some heavy object.I will take a snap of it and post it soon.

This is my first attempt and in future I will surely improve.