Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finished Peacock

Finally I finished this piece of embroidery after a long long time. I really felt bad for not completing this earlier.From last September my health was not that good and in Feb this year I came to the US and because of the winter here I had severe joint pain and till now it is not fully gone.Anyway I managed to sit  and finish this Peacock.Though it is not perfect, I am happy I completed it.I finished the border sequins first as I was in a hurry to see the effect of that as a border.And It was a BIG mistake as the filling of the remaining part of the feather became very difficult as the thread caught in the sequins for every single stitch.The lesson I learnt is I should do the body first and then the border.
This is gift for my son and daughter-in -law for their new house.