Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Little Princess

This is my very cute grand daughter Tara proudly wearing her Birth day dress...


It has been along long time since I sat in front of the computer.We moved to a new house and it was really hectic for at least 15 days starting from November 1st.I totally forgot about wishing you all for the Deepavali too.I am so sorry about that.Our Deepavali was in the new house amidst Boxes and I just made Kheer and cooked a simple lunch.That itself was a himalayan task for me as the house was in a big mess.The house came to somewhat normal after 15 days and the kitchen was fully set and that was a big relief for me. The kids started going to school and again the routine started.My daughter's exam is on 11th of December and we all will heave a sigh of relief.I was not able to devote much time for my hobbies,still I  tried to do a little embroidery,that too in installments.I finished the multi color embroidery which I started long  back. And also managed to do some quilling and beaded jewellery too.

My daughter wanted to gift something to two of her close friends cum colleague and was looking for something good.So I told her I will make some beaded jewellery.I learnt this bracelet form You tube and was really happy when I finished it.It came out well and my daughter too liked it.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Russian Leaf Earring

I saw the vedio of this Russian Leaf earring  and was totally impressed by this video. It is very explanatory and I wanted to share it with you all.Not up to the mark,but I am happy I gave it a try. The beads are not very even and so it is not very perfect.I will try one more and make it perfect.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

B'Day Dress

I am sewing after along long time and this is for my sweet little grand daughter for her B'Day. The Blue cloth I brought from India and the lace my daughter bought it in a fabric store here in the US.
The white one we bought it as bits and the matching lace in the same store.The lace was a little bit stiff and so I did not sew it in the bottom of the transparent materisl as it hampered the flow of the material.Nothing was planned and I when I sat down to measure and cut,I decided on the design..And I am happy about the way it evolved...The B'Day is this weekend and she loves both the frocks..Just waiting for the D-Day for her to wear this dress.Will post the photos of my grand daughter donning after that..

Friday, October 18, 2013

Quilled Peacock

As I am becoming crazy over this art,whatever the thing is, I see it through my quilling eyes..And this Peacock was an inspiration for sure.This is a purse charm my daughter had and here I tried the same in quilling. I am planning to frame this and confused over the base sheet colour.Nothing seems to enhance the Peacock..

Sunday, October 13, 2013

One more Earring

I am going crazy over quilling and wanted to keep on trying out different things with my paper strips.My daughter got me some tools for me and I wanted to do earrings again. And here it is.

My daughter loves doing flowers in Clay and that too miniatures.She did this Hydrangea and I did the pot to hold that in Quilling. Miniatures are always a thing of beauty and it is beautiful too:D

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lovely Quilling tool from Little Circles

I am now going crazy over quilling and especially Jewellery. I was browsing the net for more ideas and bumped into this site.This will come very handy when we want to  make bigger circles or tear drops for the earring and pendant set.I did this with construction paper and didn't use the quilling paper strips.More over the tutorial has the tool made for 5" circumference  to 1/2 "(in steps of 1/2")  .But I made just 5" to 2" only(in steps of one inch).I am planning to make one more with 4 1/2" to 1/2". I preffered it this way.Thanks a lot Little Circles for sharing this lovely tool tutorial. On top of the circles we have to stick a clear cellophone tape for the quilling paper to easily glide out after rolling.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tissue paper roll

This  piece of craft I saw in the net.When I saw the picture I thought it was some grill work made out of flat iron rod. But when I read the discription I was stunned,as it was just a flimsy card board roll. As I am in the US,where people use lots of tissue paper, it was easy for me to collect them. So I tried a small piece of this art.WOW! It was so beautiful and easy too.Planning to make a really big one very soon. Once I  complete that I will surely share with you all.

Pearl Set

I made this Pearl set for my daughter-in law.She wanted it a bit longer and not a choker. So I added  a small length of silver chain with closure to it. She liked it very much and I am happy it came out well too. I learnt this from the You Tube and the tutorial is really very good.

Quilled Earring

I tried one more earring in Quilling. My daughter wanted a matching one for a new dress and fortunately the colours were there in the quilling strips I had at home. I used Mod Podge as a sealent and gloss. This makes the paper stiff and shining. Last time I used acrylic gloss paint for the previous earring.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Quilled Earring

I tried this one using the comb method and though it is not very good,I am happy that I am able to complete a project.

Monday, August 26, 2013

My First attempt in Paper Quilling!

A big Hi to all my blog viewers. It has been a very long break, as I am busy with my grand children, and also because of my health,which is also not so good .I have been suffering from joint pain for the past six months and now I feel a little better with the Suppliments I am taking.I am happy that I am able to do at least a little bit of craft.I made some beaded Jewellery too which I will post next.My daughter took me to a bead show and it is awhole new world.I was very excited and bought some beads too.Once I do some Jewellery I will post them.

This is my first attempt in Quilling and I am happy to share it with you all.

See you all with some more good craft projects.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finished Peacock

Finally I finished this piece of embroidery after a long long time. I really felt bad for not completing this earlier.From last September my health was not that good and in Feb this year I came to the US and because of the winter here I had severe joint pain and till now it is not fully gone.Anyway I managed to sit  and finish this Peacock.Though it is not perfect, I am happy I completed it.I finished the border sequins first as I was in a hurry to see the effect of that as a border.And It was a BIG mistake as the filling of the remaining part of the feather became very difficult as the thread caught in the sequins for every single stitch.The lesson I learnt is I should do the body first and then the border.
This is gift for my son and daughter-in -law for their new house.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Paper Basket

I keep browsing the net for crafts(any kind) whenever I have free time.Due to my joint pain(blame it on the weather) I am not able to do any embroidery. So just keep on looking for some form of crafts in the net and I bumped into tutorial.The end result was so inspiring I started to make this basket.I have to do glue painting to make it stiff and finish it with colouring.

You can see the paper rolls in the back.

 this is exactly like weaving a Wicker basket, and the result after painting will be exactly like that. The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsBEv-sdEm0.There are lots of tutorial available in the you tube.Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hi  everybody.It has been a long long time since I opened my blog.We landed in Orlando to visit our Son and his family.The weather was really cold out there at that time and due to that I had severe pain in my joints. After a month of stay we came to Georgia to stay with our Daughter and her family.Here too the cold continued.Due to severe pain in my limbs I didn't do any sewing or embroidery. As we come from a very very hot place(India) it is very difficult to accustom to this cold weather. Now slowly the Sun has started coming out and the weather is improving. But two days in a week it rains and ohlala...the cold  returns..But we go out for a long walk when it is warm out side and I took some snaps of the colorful Spring here. Here it is....

I Bought a new sewing machine.It is a Singer sewing machine.I will try out all the stitches and will post it in my next posting.At present I am going crazy about the beaded  jewellery making and started buying beads for that.Once I do some thing fully I will post it too.See you all soon..Hopefully :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Dubai

We suddenly decided to visit Dubai during the shopping festival and here we are. We are staying in my nephew's house and we are having a great time here with his family.He has a daughter and a son who are very sweet and smart.As soon as we arrived they took a liking to us.They are brought up well and they are very well behaved.All these years I did not know that my nephews wife Deepa too was interested in crafts.Her daughter Bhavna too loves to learn new things.I taught them how to make paper beads and immediately she made one..Very shrewd.I would like to share some of their works here.

For a beginner,I think this far too good.This is done using embossed painting and the stems are zardosi and the ends are sequins.The first one(Ganesha) is glass painting.The last one is done by Bhavna.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Neck Design

This one I started long back and still limping towards completion.I was not doing well and so this delay.Now that the major part is over and wanted to stitch the lines and I am confused on what stitch to use for that.I have tried Spanish knotted chain here and I am not so happy about that.Any suggestion?Leela can you help me out?