Thursday, September 22, 2011

I am back home......

I am back home after a long happy six months with my children and grand children.I had very little time for myself as I was busy with the kids as well as the household work while I was in the US.Now that I am back at my place I will find time for my hobby.I am yet to start something fresh.As the house was locked for the entire six months,you can imagine the condition of it.We jointly do the cleaning work and it is quite a tough job ( I don't have any maids as such to help me) Slowly the house is returning to normalcy.
I got some books, laces,ribbons, applique',buttons etc.One of my friend through my blog whose family,I mentioned  earlier in the sewing machine post, gave me a beautiful hoop which can be fixed to a table and an embroidery kit which has two designs packed in one.(I bought some embroidery kit too)I just wanted to share the pics with you all. I get immense pleasure in sharing my art and other related activities.Your comments encourages me to do more and your suggestions are always welcome so that I can improve myself and do better.

Here are some pictures of my lovely treasure....

This is a Christmas tree decoration and WOW!It looks so beautiful.It is made of plastic with a stone in the center.

This is the embroidery  kit which has woolen thread too.I started both and will finish it soon.The smaller one is a thimble(adhesive) which I bought in the Sewing Expo.The longer one in the box is hundred percent cotton needlework fabric.It says 28 count and is white.My daughter bought it in some sale from a craft shop.

These are the laces and buttons and in the middle you can see one more do it yourself embroidery kit which is very small and this too has woolen threads.

This is the hoop and DIY kit my friend gave me.Thank you so much Neethu.....

Embroidery books..The bead embroidery book is really very good

The ribbons and some stencils for Painting.I have been wanting to try painting and embroidery for a longtime.:)

AND... that's it for now.Will come back with a good project soon.


Ninu said...

you collected so much!!hope to see some great finishes from you soon!

Lakshmi said...

Hello Mha Lakshmi garu,
welcom back..nice to see you back and looking forward to see your works with new kits..
hope you had great time with family it is really a tough job to clean the house after so much gap..

g.aruljothiKarikalan said...

wow.... enjoyed there a lot right :) and.....wow.... great collections.... i liked all these kits and what's that table fixing hoop can we get here in Chennai

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Happy u r back. Eager to see ur finishes.

FlowerLady said...

What a lot of treasures you got and I know you are going to have a great time working with them.