Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bullion stitch

Though I am not very good at bullion stitch,I wanted to give it a try.So I started a project some time back and here it is. This is for the sleeve for a plain saree and I matched the thread with the cloth.To enhance the work I added some tube beads and sequins..I am not very happy with the result..but still wanted to do something with the bullion stitch..May be as I keep practicing the stitch I will be able to do it more perfectly.Your comments are most welcome..

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back after a long break

Hi every body,It has been four months since I did something creatively to share with you all. I came from the US in September and I was shunting between Coimbatore and Chennai for some reason or the other.In the process we were looking for an apartment too for us to move to Chennai for good.Finally in February we located a good place and decided to move in March.But with all the woodwork and minor alterations we couldn't move in March.By then our daughter in law came to spend time with us with the little one (grandson).We finally moved in April and dumped all the boxes in one room as we wanted to spend time with our grandson.He is one bundle of energy and kept us very busy all the time.She left on May 1st and we started unpacking and arranging the house.By mid May we finished organizing.As my daughter has planned a visit to India I spent the next 10 days in stitching dresses for her and my grand daughter.She landed on June 3rd and from then on I hardly had time for anything else.After a month's stay she flew back on 30th June. It took a week for me to come out of the emptiness.Since life has to go on...so here I am :)
I am posting an embroidery done by my neighbor.She has used wool for it and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful.