Thursday, October 28, 2010


I just wanted to share this.Normally for silk sarees the tassels are already there or they make it and give when we purchase it.But for ordinary silk there is no tassels at all.So I make this myself at home.

And I finished it in 15 min.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Embroidery for the neck

I have completed most of it and only the three bushes are remaining.After this I am  planning for some beads or sequins around the neck.For the bushes, I used Wheat ear stitch with one colour thread and filled the gap with another.Doesn't it look nice?And for the leaf outer, I used long and short button hole stitch,which is my favorite and the white thread with long and short ,in which I am not so good at. But tried to do a decent job :).I am going back to my sewing schedule from tomorrow as I have to do some sewing for Deepavali.See you soon.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kutch work

I started this long back and somehow this one keeps slipping from my mind. Now when I was cleaning my Tailoring nook,I saw this and thinking of finishing it now.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flat stitch filling

Now, I am posting  one frame which I did using this flat stitch in my project.I must have practiced it before trying in the cloth.The outcome is okay and I am waiting for your comments.

Filling stitch

I am currently doing an embroidery on a green top and was searching for a stitch for filling the petals.I was not in a hurry to start that. As I am not very perfect in long and short stitch,and also not interested in doing a chain stitch filling as with a single strand silk thread I just now finished an embroidery.It was back breaking and I needed a break.
When I went to give my Bunka Pansy for framing I saw a wall hanging of the same flower pattern I have, and the filling stitch was perfect.It was a big piece and I really want to do it some day :-P.This is just flat stitch and unlike we fill for the sleeves which is slanted, this was filled horizontally.I loved this stitch and the filling is also done quickly:).I have tried to post the stitch as a tutorial,but hmmm..........I am not that smart as Lakshmi or Deepa in this:D.Here it is.................

And this is what I tried first and finally settled for the Flat stitch.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pansy In Bunka embroidery

I never got to do a Bunka ever since I finished the Hibiscus way back while in the US.My daughter kept on asking me to start one and so here it is.I struggled a bit in the beginning but as I proceeded I got the rhythm of it.
Though it is not very perfect I think I did a decent job.I am waiting for your comments. I will post one more picture once the framing is over.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Embroidery around the neck

Yes.I finished the neck part and have to do it for the sleeves.Though the chain stitch in silk thread(single strand)is back breaking,the outcome is very satisfying :).I think you all will agree with me.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Garden

I have been thinking for a long time to post pictures of our garden.Not a big one though, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain this.Myself and my husband devote at least 2 hours in the morning,watering and pruning the plants.All are flowering plants and we also have a small home garden which keeps changing.We rotate crops.The yield is also good that way.I am giving the link and hope you all will enjoy.

Click the link to view all the pictures
Thank you for visiting.I hope you like my garden:)

Embroidery around the neck

I am stitching all that have been accumulated  in my chest and now to break the monotony I started completing all my embroidery projects one by one.I finished the Net work tops and doing the neck design for the black top which I did with chain stitch.Though I have not completed the whole work, just for the sake of posting I am posting the unfinished work.I am starting a smocking frock for my grand daughter and that demands  lot of work.I will share it with all of you as and when it progresses for your valuable comments.I should thank Vani for the frock as I got the pattern for the cutting and stitching.