Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sewing Machine

My daughter has a brother basic model machine and I was not very comfortable with the speed of that and was looking for some other good one for sometime now.When I went to visit my son in Florida I visited an acquaintance through my blog who also lives in Florida.She and her husband were very nice and courteous to us.We never felt like that we were  meeting them for the first time.She has a Brother machine and it was loaded with features which I couldn't resist.So I was searching the net for a good deal for the same.Last week when we went for shopping I saw that machine in Wal mart and It was in the clearance and WOW! it was a steal.I GOT IT!The machine is very nice and has an extension table too....I tried all the decorative stitches and as usual some are not that good but many are very good and can be used  in dresses as decorative stitches.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This material has been there for quite sometime and I was waiting to use it the best way possible.Now it was just enough to stitch a frock,and I planned to stitch it.I bought the lace in JoAnn fabrics during the memorial day sale.I will also post the pictures of the laces I bought along with this one.Bought some buttons too.Here I used a square button and I am happy to see the end result.Waiting for your comments as it encourages me a lot.