Friday, April 23, 2010

Net Work

I finished one portion of this embroidery today.Thank you Lakshmi for your beautiful video tutorial of the network embroidery which I have used for the flowers.I  am happy at the outcome.I had great difficulty in matching the correct colour of threads to suit that of the material as it a two tone silk.
I would like to try the same kind of embroidery in a solid colour silk sometime later.
For the leaves I tried the long and short blanket stitch and it looked convincing.For the stem part I used two strands of silk thread and didn't like it.So made the stem stitch in single strand which I think looks good.I love stem stitch.


Lakshmi said...

it come out well..very nice
shaded threads adds more beauty..

Geeta said...

Hi Mahalakshmi... Loved this work of yours. Very beautiful colour combination. Can you please tell me how the petals are done. Thanks a lot...

Mahalakshmi said...

Hi Geeta,I was very busy packing as I was getting ready to leave to the US to be with my children.So I couldn't reply you immediately.The petals are done with blanket stitch(button hole)stitch.There is a wonderful tutorial in Lakshmi's blog and it is very easy to follow too.

Geeta said...

Thanks a lot Mahalakshmi.... Hope you are enjoying your stay in U.S.