Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is an embroidery from the 70's.This was done by my elder sister for my just then born son.
It was done with single strand Anchor thread.She is a lovely embroider and I preserved this piece
to give it to my grandson,who is expected this July.Despite the passage thirty years I still find the finish intact
and the design contemporary.This only proves our point that hand embroidery as an art is 'Timeless' and can be appreciated at any day.This is a driving force for me to keep doing something that we can leave behind which can speak about our love for the art,and it can outlive us.


Deepa said...

True,embroidery is timeless!! Beautiful piece of work,mahalakshmi. Does she still embroider?

Gina E. said...

This is really sweet. I agree with you that embroidery is timeless and should be appreciated for the work that goes into it, whether it be yesterday or 50 years ago.