Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beautiful treasures

These are the sample embroideries done by my cousin,who is also from the same town where I live.She is a talented embroiderer and all these samples are testimony to her skills.These works were made almost 30 years ago and are still fresh and contemporary.She is alo my greatesr source of inspiration.The perfection with which she has done is amazing.I received a lot of treasures from her including some books, designs and also threads which are still in good condition. I thought of sharing a few of her works with you all.

The blue work is done in single strand of Anchor cotton thread with stem stitch and filled with seeding stitch.
Regarding the Peacock, the crown is pistil stich, the neck ( blue and green) is long and short stitch ,the back is filled with blanket stich with two shades of yellow. The branch is in satin stitch, the feather part ( blue) is in satin stitch and the green part is long and short stitch.
The photos have not done real justice and it is more beautiful in actuality.


Argery Araya C. said...

Estimada amiga me han encantado sus trabajos la felicito y le seguire visitandi, un abrazo a la distancia.

nima said...

Beautiful works...this is my first visit to your blog...lovely