Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hi  everybody.It has been a long long time since I opened my blog.We landed in Orlando to visit our Son and his family.The weather was really cold out there at that time and due to that I had severe pain in my joints. After a month of stay we came to Georgia to stay with our Daughter and her family.Here too the cold continued.Due to severe pain in my limbs I didn't do any sewing or embroidery. As we come from a very very hot place(India) it is very difficult to accustom to this cold weather. Now slowly the Sun has started coming out and the weather is improving. But two days in a week it rains and ohlala...the cold  returns..But we go out for a long walk when it is warm out side and I took some snaps of the colorful Spring here. Here it is....

I Bought a new sewing machine.It is a Singer sewing machine.I will try out all the stitches and will post it in my next posting.At present I am going crazy about the beaded  jewellery making and started buying beads for that.Once I do some thing fully I will post it too.See you all soon..Hopefully :)

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