Saturday, July 10, 2010


After a long time I want to give a try at my smocking skills.It has been nearly 20years since I did the last one.I stitched a grand skirt and top for my daughter when she was very young.Now I want to do for my grand daughter.So did a sample for a trial.I took a cloth of 16" long to do this and wanted to know the finished measurement, so that i will know exactly how much cloth I need to make a dress.I marked dots 1cm apart and did this.I think honey comb is much easier than smocking.So I searched the net for Honeycomb stitch and bumped into a wonderful tutorial.Here is the address.



Lakshmi said...

beautiful..smocking frocks look so cute on kids..smocking become trend on saree blouse too like on hands and patch work on back..i just loved it but couldn't try yet.:) you really motivated me..have to give a try..

shirley said...

Hi, Smocking is a lovely decoration for clothing. I did a fair bit when the grandchildren were small, and now I have a smocking machine of my own hardly do anything except smocked xmas balls....am waiting for my eldest son and his wife to have children so I can give it to DIL.

Ninu said...

love smocking, especially on kids's frocks.. u did a great job!!

Thendral said...

Very nice. Thank you for the link. It will be very useful for me.

zoyashe said...

thats great.. i wanted to know how u can stitch it on a salwar, without using it a separate attachment.. kindly tell me the measurement for that.. i have been plannning to do one for myself but am not sure how to go about it.. thanks