Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Smocking for a round yoke frock

After doing a straight smocking, I tried smocking for a round yoke.I took the basic round yoke and doubled the length of the  cloth and started the work.This was the result I got after finishing.This is enough for the front side and I was very much disappointed as I could not achieve what I wanted.
So again my search for the pattern continued.This was bothering me all day and finally I bumped into a site called http://maggiebssmocks.typepad.com where the instruction for this type of smocking as well as to how to cut your material is given in detail.It was a totally different cutting  method which would have never occurred to me if I wouldn't have searched the internet.

Now I am planning to do a straight smocking for the the yolk of the frock and  will think about the round one later.May be I can do two of this and join it in the shoulder:).May be  my idea  of doing a round neck smocking.I  will in the mean time think of some other way to do a round neck smocking without joining two pieces.Any idea out there.Please write to me and I will open to all your suggestion.

This is only a sample piece I did to know the amount of material needed  for this work and I am planning to do this either in white or some pastel shades. This is for my grand daughters first birthday which falls in October.

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uma srinivasan said...

Wonderfull try. Eagar to see the final One : )