Thursday, December 24, 2009

Single Color Embroidery

This one I had in my mind for a quite some time. I wanted to do a embroidery like pencil sketching and then embellish with sequins or beads,but not yet decided about that. This is a salwar top and the colour of the bottom is the colour of the embroidery thread. I am planning to do the same work in the bottom also with blue colour.


Deepa said...

Very pretty.Simple,yet beautiful. Does it need more embellishments? I don't think so.

Lakshmi said...

nice work..
sorry mam I dont know about the double drizzle stitch. In needlenthread site Mary has given a video tutorial of drizzle stitch. If u have any pics of double drizzle stitch we can try the stitch.
And neither I know about books of BE..browsed some books on amazon.com.. but many tutorials are there on net..

Preetha said...

As someone who has seen this in person, I would say it looks absolutely fabulous (photos are no justice!). It practically looks like its been drawn or printed.