Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Peacock feather

This is my latest work.This has been my long time dream come true. I either wanted to do fabric paining or do it by hand embroidery. I took the feather to buy the nearest shade of thread possible and I think I succeeded. For the center I did chain stitch filling and somewhat dint like it and for the other filling I used blanket stitch.The rest is whipped chain and WOW!The end result was very satisfying. As soon as I finished I e- mailed it to Deepa and she posted it in her blog deepshome.blogspot.com as I was not having a blog at  that time. Now I am posting this in my blog also. Again thank you Deepa for publishing the same


Gina E. said...

It is simply perfect! I've been looking at your other photos, and am sighing over your work. You are such a skilled embroiderer - I could nver reach such standards! But I think many women in India are clever with a needle and thread; it is part of your culture, isn't it? Sadly, in our western world it is a dying art, although there are still many excellent stitchers around.

clearly distorted said...

Thank you so much for posting this work. I've been looking around the internet for a peocock feather design to do on a hanky, but none seemed to appeal me. But this 1 just fits the bill :) Thanks again.

Ninu said...

i saw this in deepa's blog.. wow!! its so perfect!!you are so talented

dewdrops sanchita said...

Really amazing...I also love to do embroidery and stitching...recently all my friends ask me to do this as a profession so I 'va started taking order. Your blog is too good, I liked it so much, as before profession it was my passion, till now it is. Here is my blog , please have a visit and please give your comments there. I will be delighted to listen something from you. Thanking you.