Saturday, December 15, 2012

More Threads

Hi everyone..I am back  after a long break. I was not keeping well for the last two months but I am slowly limping back to normalcy and hope to get better soon and will continue my stitching and embroidery.And also, there was a marriage in the family and that kept me busy too.
Today I received a parcel from my children(son and daughter together) and guess what ? THREADS!.It is never too much when it comes to anything that is connected to embroidery or stitching.How can someone say NO when it it comes to these things.You never have ENOUGH of these.

During some of those odd days, when you have no mood to sew or to do embroidery, I like to go through all my collections and arrange them and dream of doing so much.(At least let me dream!) End of the day I feel happy and refreshed.

Coming to the threads , I got perle cotton no 5 with which I am planning to try some stump work.The fire line beading wire is for jewellery making and the variegated floss is for some small projects which I am planning to frame it and give back to them as my gift.Let me see how much will I be able to finish in the list:).

I am leaving to the US in Feb and have a lot to stitch for myself. And I have to do some shopping and  really have to plan everything and try my best to stick to it. Presently I am doing embroidery on a short tops and almost finished it.Will post it soon.

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