Sunday, August 19, 2012

Multi Colour Thread Embroidery

I actually wanted to post this work even as I was half way through.I was very much excited to see the design taking shape.I finished it just now and here it is.I bought this multi colour silk thread and wanted to do try it out.I did a free hand drawing for the neck of a short top.I started the work four days back and as the embroidery proceeded I was thrilled to see the design evolving slowly like magic in front of my eyes.The shading was not under my control as the thread in itself had so many colours.I did not fill the petals one by one,instead I worked simultaneously on all the petals so that the linear colours of the thread could lend itself in all the petals.I first did a outline with chain stitching but thought that was too simple.So I worked petal stitch along the chain stitch which made it look more decorative.

I cannot forget this stitch as this is what introduced me to this adorable world of blogging.Though I had references to most of  the stitches,I tried to search the internet for petal stitch and happened to land into Deepa's blog.This opened up a whole new world to me.And so I am here.Thank you again Deepa for making this possible.

I am thinking of filling the empty spaces with  very small flowers.What is your opinion?


Ranjana's craft blog said...

Very beautiful. Filling will look great!

ina said...

It's awesome!Is that a silk thread?

Tinkerbell said...

fantastic as usual. I always admire your attention to detail and perfect symmetry. The design looks simple and elegant by itself.

RajiSaj said...

Excellent work, small flowers filling gives the pattern a unique and diff look.

Leelagovind said...

wah beautiful and lovely neat perfect work..hats off to you!