Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thread box

I was planning to do this long time back and today I thought of finishing it.It is really hard to handle threads which are not stored properly.

I used the cardboard which comes with a ready made shirt as it is thick.I have a square box and I made 8 strips of 7 1/2 inches.Then marked it 1 1/2 inches apart and made a slit of 1 inch in all the strips.Inserted the strips as shown, and will insert this in the box.This way I can store 100 spools of thread.Each square will hold 4 spools.
And I am also thinking of buying the masala box in plastic(it should be 3 inches in height) with 7 cups inside.That way it can hold 6 spools in each cups.I tried in the box I have at home,but the height is not sufficient.So I am planning to take the thread with me for measuring the height and ...will see if I get it:)Today I am planning to buy and once I buy and arrange my threads  I will post the pictures.

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