Saturday, November 13, 2010

Short tops

We went to my brothers house in Chennai for Deepavali and had a gala time with my relatives.After the festive season I went to shop in T.Nagar (Chennai) for poly cotton material which is not available in my place.This is one of the material for a short top for my daughter.First I thought of stitching it as a simple Kurti and ended up doing some light embroidery.The maroon color is ribbon but not satin( I don't know the material).I washed a bit to check for the bleeding of colour.It was great.So thought of using as a border.I did simple lazy daisy stitch and some sequins. This is the sleeve part and for the neck part also I am going to repeat the same.May be with a bit more embellishment.


Thendral said...

Nice colors. Eager to see the finished top!

Ninu said...

love ur embroidery..nice choice of colours